Digital Banking & Mobile Banking

Customers want the opportunity to have traditional banking service, but at the same time expect a modern digital experience when they need it, with all the services that your big bank competitors offer. Fortunately, this is now possible for traditional banks of all sizes in a cost effective way.

Digital & Mobile Account Opening

Your existing personal or business customer will most likely apply online for their next account. Can your bank help them, or will your more digital savvy competitor get the business?

FinTech & Marketplace Lenders

Looking for a bank sponsorship or strategic partnership? We were part of the very early Bank/FinTech partnerships and have worked with some of the most successful FinTech since. Let us help you prepare and find the right bank partner.

Bank & FinTech Industry Insights

Read our informative industry insights below or let's schedule a more personalized discussion about areas of interest to you.

“In working with Adriaan at bankINNOVATE, we have made significant improvements to the customer experience and risk management of our digital account opening program.”
Having a great digital banking offering is not about being an internet bank, but about meeting existing and new customer demands.
Customers want the opportunity to have traditional relationship driven banking, but at the same time expect a modern digital banking experience when they need it, with all the digital services that your big bank competitors offer. Fortunately, this is now possible for traditional banks of all sizes in a cost effective way. We help you:
  • Blend the best of traditional banking with your digital banking strategy
  • Evaluate your current situation versus where you want to be
  • Plan and implement your new or improved digital banking strategy
  • Implement a new, or evaluate and re-calibrate your existing digital risk management program
  • Design and implement a marketing program to engage your customers digitally
  • Train or re-train your digital banking team
  • Where needed, recruit the right people for your digital banking program

Implementation and automation of online and mobile account opening: Can your customer open an account online? Or on mobile? Automated account opening systems through digital channels can reduce your acquisition cost by 30% or more. And protect your customers from defecting to competitors. Is your physical location or footprint restraining your growth? Can you afford to keep building costly branches? We help you:
  • Design and implement an effective online and mobile account origination program
  • Implement an effective risk management program for digital account opening
  • Introduce efficiency measurements and tracking
  • Train or re-train your digital account opening team
  • Where needed, recruit the right people for your digital account opening program
Banks and FinTech can complement each other through strategic partnerships. With the sharing of technology, and with the origination of loans and deposits. Don’t be left behind. Even the large banks are getting in on the act. Example is the 2015 deal Chase did with online lender On Deck Capital, to ramp up its lending to small businesses, by processing applications more rapidly and at a lower cost.
Benefits for Banks:
  • This is your opportunity to combine the best of both worlds, embracing the technologies that customers want, while maintaining the personalized service that your bank is known for.
  • Benefit from the ability to be first in line to offer state-of-the-art products and services to clients without having to foot the entire bill, especially where your bank lacks scale.
  • Leverage the marketing expertise and digital origination channels of FinTech. Enhance your digital presence and effectiveness.
  • It is not about abandoning your existing business models; it is more about reaching entire new groups of customers in a cost effective way, with new products and new sources of fee income.
Benefits for FinTech and Marketplace Lenders:
  • Gain access to the resources and support needed to market your products at scale.
  • FinTech focused banks can help you navigate the regulatory and licensing environment, providing access to more states under a uniform set of regulations.
  • Gain access to more customers and capital.
  • Share expenses and earn fee income to re-invest in your development work.
  • BIN, ATM, Payments, Credit and Demand Deposit Account Sponsorships.
"We had a great experience working with Adriaan in securing an additional bank strategic partner. If you are a FinTech, Marketplace Lender or Alt-Lender looking for a strategic bank partnership, I highly recommend you leverage his unique industry insight to help you secure the best deal and structure."
“Leveraging the expertise at bankINNOVATE, we were able to accelerate meeting the compliance and governance requirements of our bank partner”.
BankINNOVATE is a leading Digital Banking & FinTech consulting service. Providing Banks and FinTech with the expertise to launch or improve digital channels, blend traditional banking with digital banking, digital platform evaluation and selection, and to originate new accounts online.
BankINNOVATE also introduce, create and manage Bank/FinTech partnerships for credit origination & fee income, marketplace lending, cards and payments. Prepare FinTech companies and alternative lenders (ranging from startups to publicly traded) to be ready from a regulatory compliance, business strategy and operational perspective for strategic partnerships with banks.

Adriaan van Zyl
Founder and CEO at bankINNOVATE


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